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Community Projects

Below, you'll find a collection of guides, tutorials, and articles contributed by the community showcasing the implementation of generative AI on the Jetson platform.

Hackster AI-Powered Photorealistic Talking Avatar (4-26-2024)

Nurgaliyev Shakhizat creates an interactive talking avatar using ASR, TTS, LLM, and Audio2Face with NVIDIA Omniverse and Unreal Engine:

Hackster An Eye for an Item (4-26-2024)

Allen Tao builds an indoor robot with Isaac ROS that maps your home and remembers where things are using SLAM and NanoDB!

Hackster Escalator People Tracker (4-2-2024)

George Profenza & team install local CV solution for detecting and tracking people in large retail spaces to drive live Generative AI graphics:

Hackster Edge Style: Fashion Preview at the Edge (4-1-2024)

AI-powered app from Andrei Ciobanu shows virtual try-ons with customer images, enhancing retail shopping using Jetson Orin for speed and privacy:

Hackster Cooking meals with a local AI assistant on Jetson AXG Orin (4-1-2024)

Dimiter Kendri builds a multimodal, multi AI agent, fully local, conversational chatbot with multi agent research capabilities via speech queries:

Hackster Realtime Language-Segment-Anything on Jetson Orin (3-4-2024)

Huy Mai enables Segment Anything (SAM) with natural language prompting using GroundingDINO for object detection:

GitHub Japanese NMT Translation for Stable Diffusion (2-23-2024)

Toshihiko Aoki has created a prompt generator for stable-diffusion-webui that translates Japanese queries into English using a fine-tuned GPT-2 NMT model before feeding them into Stable Diffusion. Check out the full guide on GitHub under to-aoki/ja-tiny-sd-webui, including the training dataset and LoRA building!

GitHub JetBot Voice to Action Tools: Empowering Your ROS2 Robot with Voice Control (2-17-2024)

Jen Hung Ho created ROS2 nodes for ASR/TTS on Jetson Nano that can can be used to control JetBot, including customizable voice commands and the execution of advanced actions. Check it out on GitHub under Jen-Hung-Ho/ros2_jetbot_tools and Jen-Hung-Ho/ros2_jetbot_voice and on the forums here.

Hackster ClearWater: Underwater Image Enhancement with Generative AI (2-16-2024)

Vy Pham has created a novel denoising pipeline using a custom trained Transformer-based diffusion model and GAN upscaler for image enhancement, running on Jetson AGX Orin. It runs interactively in a Streamlit web UI for photo capturing and the processing of images and videos. Great work!

Hackster AI-Powered Application for the Blind and Visually Impaired (12-13-2023)

Nurgaliyev Shakhizat demonstrates a locally-hosted Blind Assistant Device running on Jetson AGX Orin 64GB Developer Kit for realtime image-to-speech translation:

  Find more resources about this project here: [Hackster] [GitHub]

Dave's Armoury Bringing GLaDOS to life with Robotics and AI (2-8-2024)

See how DIY robotics legend Dave Niewinski from brings GLaDOS to life using Jetson AGX Orin, running LLMs onboard alongside object + depth tracking, and RIVA ASR/TTS with a custom-trained voice model for speech recognition and synthesis! Using Unitree Z1 arm with 3D printing and StereoLabs ZED2.

  Find more resources about this project here: [Forums] [GitHub]

Hackster Seeed Studio's Local Voice Chatbot Puts a Speech-Recognizing LLaMa-2 LLM on Your Jetson (2-7-2024)

Seeed Studio has announced the launch of the Local Voice Chatbot, an NVIDIA Riva- and LLaMa-2-based large language model (LLM) chatbot with voice recognition capabilities — running entirely locally on NVIDIA Jetson devices, including the company's own reComputer range. Follow the step-by-step guide on the Seeed Studio wiki.

YouTube GenAI Nerds React - Insider Look at NVIDIA's Newest Generative AI (2-6-2024)

Watch this panel about the latest trends & tech in edge AI, featuring Kerry Shih from OStream, Jim Benson from JetsonHacks, and Dusty from NVIDIA.

NVIDIA Bringing Generative AI to Life with NVIDIA Jetson (11-7-2023)

Watch this webinar about deploying LLMs, VLMs, ViTs, and vector databases onboard Jetson Orin for building next-generation applications using Generative AI:

JetsonHacks Jetson AI Labs – Generative AI Playground (10-31-2023)

JetsonHacks publishes an insightful video that walks developers through the typical steps for running generative AI models on Jetson following this site's tutorials. The video shows the interaction with the LLaVA model.

Hackster Vision2Audio - Giving the blind an understanding through AI (10-15-2023)

Nurgaliyev Shakhizat demonstrates Vision2Audio running on Jetson AGX Orin 64GB Developer Kit to harness the power of LLaVA to help visually impaired people:

NVIDIA Generative AI Models at the Edge (10-19-2023)

Follow this walkthrough of the Jetson AI Lab tutorials along with coverage of the latest features and advances coming to JetPack 6 and beyond:

  Technical Blog -

Medium How to set up your Jetson device for LLM inference and fine-tuning (10-02-2023)

Michael Yuan's guide demonstrating how to set up the Jetson AGX Orin 64GB Developer Kit specifically for large language model (LLM) inference, highlighting the crucial role of GPUs and the cost-effectiveness of the Jetson AGX Orin for LLM tasks.

Hackster Getting Started with AI on Nvidia Jetson AGX Orin Dev Kit (09-16-2023)

Nurgaliyev Shakhizat demonstrates llamaspeak on Jetson AGX Orin 64GB Developer Kit in this Hackster post:

Hackster New AI Tool Is Generating a Lot of Buzz (09-13-2023)

Nick Bild provides an insightful introduction to the Jetson Generative AI Playground:

JetsonHacks Use These! Jetson Docker Containers Tutorial (09-04-2023)

JetsonHacks has a in-depth tutorial on how to use jetson-containers and even show text-generation-webui and stable-diffusion-webui containers in action!

Hackster LLaMa 2 LLMs w/ NVIDIA Jetson and textgeneration-web-ui (08-17-2023)

Paul DeCarlo demonstrates 13B and 70B parameter LLama 2 models running locally on Jetson AGX Orin 64GB Developer Kit in this Hackster post:

Hackster Running a ChatGPT-Like LLM-LLaMA2 on a Nvidia Jetson Cluster (08-14-2023)

Discover how to run a LLaMA-2 7B model on an NVIDIA Jetson cluster in this insightful tutorial by Nurgaliyev Shakhizat:

JetsonHacks Speech AI on NVIDIA Jetson Tutorial (08-07-2023)

JetsonHacks gives a nice introduction to NVIDIA RIVA SDK and demonstrate its automated speech recognition (ASR) capability on Jetson Orin Nano Developer Kit.

Hackster LLM based Multimodal AI w/ Azure Open AI & NVIDIA Jetson (07-12-2023)

Learn how to harness the power of Multimodal AI by running Microsoft JARVIS on an Jetson AGX Orin 64GB Developer Kit, enabling a wide range of AI tasks with ChatGPT-like capabilities, image generation, and more, in this comprehensive guide by Paul DeCarlo.

Hackster How to Run a ChatGPT-Like LLM on NVIDIA Jetson board (06-13-2023)

Nurgaliyev Shakhizat explores voice AI assistant on Jetson using FastChat and VoskAPI.