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Tutorial - SAM (Segment Anything)

Let's run Meta's SAM on NVIDIA Jetson.

What you need

  1. One of the following Jetson devices:

    Jetson AGX Orin (64GB) Jetson AGX Orin (32GB) Jetson Orin NX (16GB) Jetson Orin Nano (8GB)⚠️1

  2. Running one of the following versions of JetPack:

    JetPack 5 (L4T r35.x) JetPack 6 (L4T r36.x)

  3. Sufficient storage space (preferably with NVMe SSD).

    • 6.8GB for container image
    • Spaces for models
  4. Clone and setup jetson-containers:

    git clone
    bash jetson-containers/

How to start

Use the jetson-containers run and autotag commands to automatically pull or build a compatible container image.

jetson-containers run $(autotag sam)

The container has a default run command (CMD) that will automatically start the Jupyter Lab server.

Open your browser and access http://<IP_ADDRESS>:8888.

The default password for Jupyter Lab is nvidia.

Run Jupyter notebook

In Jupyter Lab, navigate to notebooks and open notebook.

Create a new cell at the top, insert the model download command below and run the cell.


Then go through executing all the cells below Set-up.


  1. The biggest vit_h (2.4GB) model may not ran due to OOM, but vit_l (1.1GB) runs on Jetson Orin Nano.