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Tutorial - SAM (Segment Anything)

Let's run TAM to perform Segment Anything on videos on NVIDIA Jetson.

What you need

  1. One of the following Jetson:

    Jetson AGX Orin (64GB) Jetson AGX Orin (32GB)

  2. Running one of the following versions of JetPack:

    JetPack 5 (L4T r35.x)

  3. Sufficient storage space (preferably with NVMe SSD).

    • 6.8GB for container image
    • Spaces for models
  4. Clone and setup jetson-containers:

    git clone
    bash jetson-containers/

How to start

Use the jetson-containers run and autotag commands to automatically pull or build a compatible container image.

jetson-containers run $(autotag tam)

The container has a default run command (CMD) that will automatically start TAM's web server.

Open your browser and access http://<IP_ADDRESS>:12212.

TAM web UI

Check out the official tutorial to learn how to operate the web UI.



FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: './checkpoints/E2FGVI-HQ-CVPR22.pth'

You may find the TAM app fails to download a checkpoint file E2FGVI-HQ-CVPR22.pth.

Downloading checkpoints from Google Drive... tips: If you cannot see the progress bar, please try to download it manuall               and put it in the checkpointes directory. E2FGVI-HQ-CVPR22.pth: model)
Access denied with the following error:

        Cannot retrieve the public link of the file. You may need to change
        the permission to 'Anyone with the link', or have had many accesses. 

You may still be able to access the file from the browser:

You can manually download the checkpoint file on your Docker host machine.

cd jetson-containers/
pip install gdown
source ~/.profile
mv E2FGVI-HQ-CVPR22.pth ./data/models/tam/

And you can try running the TAM container.

jetson-containers run $(autotag tam)